What is good about dried food and fruit?


Getting five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables each day is important for optimum health.
Dried fruit may be eaten as is. It is great for children’s lunches, after-school snacks, or parties. As a snack, dried fruit is vastly superior to junk foods, such as crisps, or chocolate bars, and other unhealthy indulgences people reach for when they are hungry between meals.

Dried fruit contains no added fat, cholesterol, or sodium. It can also be used in cookie or granola recipes or with breakfast cereal.

Dried food and fruits are also a food of convenience. Because the food package is much smaller when dehydrated, it can be taken in handbags and backpacks without adding a lot of extra weight.

Our dried baby meal and fruit is perfect for long car or plane journeys. Your child can have warm food when travelling with our baby meal range (just add hot water). Also fresh fruit in the car/plane tend to be messy and leave peels and cores to throw away. With our food range, this will ensure the family is getting something good.

Bottom line: Dried fruit and vegetable is highly nutritious, rich in fibre, vitamins and minerals. It isalso high in phenolic antioxidants with health benefits such as improved blood flow and better digestive system. Some consumers even suggested dried fruit & vegetable helps lower body weight, and less body fat when consumed in moderation.

Be sure to choose the right kind of dried food like our dried baby meal and fruit range contains no sulphites, no additives, no preservatives or added sugar. The only thing that is taken away is water!

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