Fresh Banana vs Dried Banana


Do you know how much water is in fresh fruit?

It depends on the type of fruit. Watermelon (as the name implies) is aproximately 92% water, therefore it is not a good fruit to dry as there will be nothing left after the drying process. Bananas have about 80% to 84% water in them. They are better suited to dying.

Now let’s talk about Cherry Me Dried Banana for example. I took a photo of the bananas before drying and after they have been dried (ignore the bowl, I did reset the scale to 0 before putting bananas on it).

You can see from over 1kg of fresh Banana, once dried they went down to just below 240g. The product lost over 3/4 of its weight. Phenomenonal, isn’t it? Don’t be alarmed! With our careful drying process the product lost a lot of water but maintained its condition, taste and most nutrients. We only choose the freshest and good condition fruit to dry for the best quality.

Remember bananas are a rich source in potassium and fiber. Drying them creates a more concentrated source of the nutrients found in the fruit.

You heard our story, come and try our delightful snacks for yourself.

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