Our upcoming events

We have a very busy finish to the year. Many events coming up in the run up to Christmas, so this is your chance to get some homemade tasty treats for those Christmas presents.  We also have a new product perfect for the colder days and nights: Mulled Wine Spices using some of our own […]


What is good about dried food and fruit?

Getting five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables each day is important for optimum health. Dried fruit may be eaten as is. It is great for children’s lunches, after-school snacks, or parties. As a snack, dried fruit is vastly superior to junk foods, such as crisps, or chocolate bars, and other unhealthy indulgences people reach […]


Fresh Banana vs Dried Banana

Do you know how much water is in fresh fruit? It depends on the type of fruit. Watermelon (as the name implies) is aproximately 92% water, therefore it is not a good fruit to dry as there will be nothing left after the drying process. Bananas have about 80% to 84% water in them. They […]